CARE, in the interest of Human and Animal Well-being, prioritizes and amplifies BIPOC Voices using Narratives, Research, and Community-Centered Investments.


Harm as a result of social and racial biases can be seen throughout our society. Nevertheless, the harm and lack of inclusion within the Animal Welfare field [Sheltering, Animal Control, Pet Adoption, Veterinary Medicine] is rarely addressed even though the collective sectors have an economic impact well over 150 Billion and effect Millions of Americans.

CARE is a Black, Indigenous, and People of Color [BIPOC] led organization inspired to rethink and rebuild Animal Welfare in a way that honors and reflects the well-being of all people; Human and Animal Well-being is our focus.

We are in part Think Tank, Social Justice Advocates, Community Investors, and all-parts Disruptors. Our Research Division is focused on understanding the nature of social and racial biases while also studying and developing pathways to a more equitable future for marginalized people their pets. Supported by our Research Division, CARE’s Narrative Division is focused on producing and elevating positive BIPOC stories that showcase the human-animal bond. And our CARE Center Division is working in underserved BIPOC communities throughout the country helping to build and assist Human and Animal related organizations.

Creating equitable experiences requires a multidisciplinary approach focused on addressing unconscious and hidden biases—one
that responds to stakeholders at every level while supplying the necessary information, tools, and supports to ensure that each is
poised to enact change.