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The Circle of Learning and Leadership is a unique BIPOC-led educational experience with an ecosystem centered on Racial Equity, Community Wisdom, and Access to Preventive Care. Our goal is to bridge the information gap between traditional Animal Welfare and marginalized communities.

Our Method For Change

The Circle of Learning and Leadership will deliver rich resources for maintaining community-centered Human and Animal Well-Being to community members, proximate leaders, veterinarians, and Animal Welfare more broadly.

Something to keep in mind:

The Animal Welfare field is not diverse. More than 80% of the field is White, and female, and holds a high degree of racial bias toward Black, Indigenous, and People of Color [BIPOC]. Nevertheless, collectively the field has an abundance of knowledge pertaining to pet well-being. The Circle of Learning and Leadership offers the Animal Welfare field and others the opportunity to become more Culturally Competent while also creating an exchange of knowledge with underserved communities.

More about CLL

The learning circle is designed to elevate and amplify what we learn as scholar-activists and cultivators of community wisdom.

Throughout REDI’s development and implementation, we realized positive outcomes with partners were often tied to their understanding of historical and current inequities. In that acknowledgment, all training modules, consulting, coaching or curricula offered by the Circle of Learning and Leadership will be tied to participants’ knowledge of Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

The Circle of Learning and Leadership aims to bridge critical information gaps between traditional Animal Welfare and Communities with Pets.

The Veterinarian & Vet Tech Inclusion Program [VIP] has been designed to maintain and increase inclusion throughout veterinary medicine, while intentionally sharing essential veterinary basics with community members.
Deep Listening workshops will allow participants to learn critical listening skills essential to any effort toward Well- Being.

And, of paramount importance, The Center for Learning and Leadership will house The Community Animal Care Academy, a leadership academy whose curricula provide participants with the necessary tools to lead community-centered Human and Animal Well-Being programming.


Veterinarian & Vet Tech Inclusion Program [VIP], Human & Animal Emergency Survival Guides,
and The CAC Academy will be available soon.

Research & Development

  • Community Participatory Research [CPR]
  • Racial Disparities in America’s Pet and Animal Welfare [RDAW]
  • BIPOC Human and Animal Bond Studies
  • Economic Impact Studies
  • Peer-Reviewed Papers


Racial Equity Diversity & Inclusion REDI

    • Bronze Level Course Work [Available now]
    • Silver Level Course Work [Launch Q4 2023]

Mandatory public pledge to create safe spaces. Mandatory
selection of books. Mandatory In-Reach assignments.
Mandatory Self/Staff Evaluation and quiz

  • Gold Level Course Work {Launch Q1 2024} Independent
    Studies. Work with CARE on establishing organizational and
    community inclusion plans


Veterinarian & Vet Tech Inclusion Program [VIP]
Access to Preventive CARE [Community Education]
Oversight by CARE’s Veterinarian Board of Advisors

  • The Dr. Jodie G. Blackwell Scholarship Fund
  • CARE Clubs [Vet School/Vet-tech program Focused]
  • CARE Camps [Vet and Community Paratech Training]Resource Guides
  • Vet-for-a-Day Events [Collaboration with Critter Fixers]

Human & Animal Emergency Survival Guides
[Note: these are resource materials, not CARE programs]

  • How to prepare for climate disasters
  • Domestic Violence: Ways to protect yourself and your pet
  • Tips on preventing dog bites
  • What to do if you and your pets are evicted

Human & Animal Well-Being Leadership Academy
REDI Bronze Level accreditation required

  • Why staying REDI is Important
  • What is Human & Animal Well-Being
  • The Human and Animal Bond and Data
  • How to create policies for Social Change
  • How to Deep Listen
  • How to Self Correct
  • How to Create Safe Places
  • How to Lead with Community Wisdom
  • Recruiting with Equity
  • Following with Humility
  • Staying Present in a Distracting World
  • Granting without Bias
  • Marketing and Communication without Bias
  • The Economic Downside of Racism –
    Fundraising without Bias

The CAC Academy

  • How to Implement Community Animal Care [CAC]
    in your City or State
  • Why staying REDI is Important
  • What is Human & Animal Well-being
  • What is Community Animal Care
  • Animal Care and Control and what it’s good for
  • Resource Mapping for marginalized communities
  • Grassroots Organizing 101
  • How to Lead with Community Wisdom
  • Learning the difference between Partnership and Servitude
  • Compassion and Compliance
  • Communicating about Compliance
  • Fundraising for Direct CARE
  • Understanding how pets arrive at the
    Shelter and how to stop it
  • How to identify and Partner with Proximate Leaders
  • Learn Emergency Response for under-resourced Communities


Our team strives to create transformative curricula based on what we’ve learned in partnership with communities and their Proximate Leaders; and to support a pipeline of enlightened leaders centered in community wisdom and collaboration. As scholar-activists, we promote learning as a value and embrace action as essential in constructing an inclusive system built upon Human and Animal Well-Being.


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