CARE’s Narrative Division is producing stories that
celebrate diverse companion humans and their pets.

Take a look at the stories we tell, and re-tell. Stories shape our vision of the world and often frame our perceptions and biases. People of Color, People without homes, Seniors, Women and other marginalized groups do heroic things for their pets everyday, but too often Animal Welfare and Hollywood do not celebrate their heroism. CARE is broadening the narrative because the stories we tell matter in the battle to clear our shelters.
Inclusion = Lifesaving: Women with dog

Please share your pet adoption stories with us and the world. Nothing fancy, just you and your furry friends. Tell us about why you chose adoption and what your companion means to you.  


If we want people to adopt more from shelters and rescues than any other sources, we must become more inclusive and welcoming to all types of people and the varied lives they lead, because love and a willingness to CARE is the most important thing.

Maddie's Fund
Many of the folks below have been or believed they would be denied adoption, but as you can see they’ve all acquired pets and they’re amazing pet parents. A special thanks to Maddie’s Fund for providing the production budget for these diverse interviews.

Jennifer Evans, CARE COO:Adopting New Ways