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FEATURE > The Hummingbird Say So: This short film features an incredibly resilient and loving indigenous community and the pets they deeply love.

The Work - Episode 1: The Work is a free-flowing discussion forum where guests have an opportunity to discuss the personal strains and joys of working in fields that require compassion, kindness, and partnership with marginalized communities.


CARE’s Narrative Division produces stories that celebrate diverse companion humans and their pets. Take a look at the stories we tell, and re-tell. Stories shape our vision of the world and often frame our perceptions and biases. People of Color, People without homes, Seniors, and other marginalized groups do heroic things every day for animals but are rarely elevated or celebrated. CARE is broadening the narrative because the stories we tell matter in the battle to clear our shelters.

Take a look at the films below. People of Color and their Pets are virtually invisible



Many of the folks below have been or believed they would be denied adoption, but as you can see they’ve all acquired pets and they’re amazing pet parents. A special thanks to Maddie’s Fund for providing the production budget for these diverse interviews.



Black, Indigenous, and People of Color [BIPOC] suffer a great many challenges, but none greater than erasure. Either our stories are not told, or portrayed without a focus on our compassion, creativity, and genius.  CARE’s Narrative Producers have years of multi-disciplined creative experience that insight CARE’s retelling the story of BIPOC and marginalized people and their pets.



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