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The video above shows Direct CARE in Action!

It's simple. The funds you donate directly assist families struggling with Access to Veterinary Care

No Judgement. No Applications. Just Direct CARE.

CARE works within and partners with underserved communities around the country.
Because we’re deeply embedded in these communities and have trusted relationships, there is no need to ask those in desperate situations to qualify for Direct CARE. We simply help as many people as we can and many donate back to the program.

Direct CARE

The DirectCARE Fund provides timely emergency support for companion animals within CARE Center collective communities, providing immediate funding support for preventative and emergency veterinarian care. CARE is building a community-owned fund similar to popular Crowd Funding models. Funds generated from DirectCARE provide support for:

  • Pet Check-Ups
  • Emergency Food and Dietary needs
  • Vet-related emergency transport services
  • Microchipping and register
  • Vaccinations and heartworm or tick meds
  • Community-funded and donor-matched vet services

Fund Eligibility

The DirectCARE Fund provides emergency care support to keep companion animals with their families and avoid the animal sheltering system. As such, all companion pet owners within CARE Center Collective service are eligible to access available funds to, in part, support emergency care needs for their pets. Access to these funds will be available to individual companion pet owners on a case-by-case basis. Human service agencies are also welcome to contact their local or regional CARE representative to establish a trusted partnership for household referral requests to the program.

The people and pets below are Real. We know them and we all know the pain of seeing our four-legged family suffer. Please help us in supporting others, Directly. Without Judgement and without Applications.  

The high cost of veterinary care puts millions of families at risk of losing a loved one. Direct CARE keeps people and pets together.



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