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CARE Veterinary Advisory Committee (VAC)

In the interest of human and animal well-being, the CARE Veterinary Advisory Committee (VAC) provides thought leadership for CARE’s access to care and preventative initiatives. We recognize that to achieve our goal to cultivate the human-animal bond among Black, Indigenous, and people of color in the United States, we must devise strategies that support the design of programs that address animal well-being in communities underserved by the current systems in place.

In doing so, the advisory committee is tasked with tackling this challenge directly by providing guidance in the development and implementation of several planned CARE Community Clinics and support for the annual Dr. Jodie G Blackwell Scholarship Fund. Major initiatives aside, the advisory Committee will also provide insight and expertise across all aspects of CARE’s comprehensive well-being programming.

In addition to the clinics and scholarship fund, the advisory committee will guide future efforts to further advance CARE’s mission-driven work, which will include organizing student-led veterinary clubs, and access to preventive animal well-being programming, while also supporting the design of resource guides for communities, students, and companion pet parents.

CARE’s Veterinary Advisory Committee is an invitation-only, volunteer-based committee that will meet once a quarter. All members are required to take CARE’s Oath which prioritizes the interest of human and animal well-being.

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