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Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity (CARE), in the interest of Human and Animal Well-Being, prioritizes and amplifies BIPOC and other Marginalized Voices using Narratives, Research, and Community-Centered Investments.

Our Method For Change


Community Wisdom, Community Solutions

CARE is supporting and investing in community leaders focused on sustainable and transformative solutions.


Community Wisdom Amplified

Community Animal CARE [CAC] is an innovative Public Health centered program designed to prevent and solve persistent challenges to Human and Animal Well-Being. CAC will deliver critical resources to community members led by Proximate Leaders. In particular, Access to Care and Prevention, Pet Behavioral Training, Pet Resources, Compliance Awareness, Lost and Found Pets, and Involuntary Surrender Prevention.


Informed people make better choices.

The Circle of Learning and Leadership is a unique BIPOC-led educational experience with an ecosystem centered on Racial Equity, Community Wisdom, and Access to Preventive Care. Our goal is to bridge the information gap between traditional Animal Welfare and marginalized communities.


Hear My Story. See My Heart.

Stories shape our vision of the world and often frame our perceptions and biases. For this reason, CARE is producing and sharing stories that celebrate the diversity within human and animal well-being.


🌟 Introducing an exceptional calendar that honors and celebrates the achievements of Black veterinarians, technicians, assistants, and students across various fields of veterinary medicine. This calendar features 12 months of Black excellence and is perfect for displaying in clinics, classrooms, homes, offices, or any other place.

When you pick up a 2024 Black DVM Network calendar, a portion of the proceeds will go to CARE’s Jodie G. Blackwell fund for Black veterinarian students.

🗓️ Take advantage of our special offer and purchase three calendars to receive one for free. Use the coupon code BUY3 to avail of this opportunity. Link in bio.

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🐶 Our pets are not “kinda like family members" — they ARE family.

When we’re faced with the tough decision to choose our pets or a world where we don’t have them in our lives, we will choose our pets EVERY. SINGLE. TIME 💚

#CAREequity #BarkAboutIt #HumanAnimalWelfare #HumanAnimalWellbeing #Philly

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🚀 Explore the future of veterinary care Today, Tuesday 12/5/2023 at 2 PM Pacific/5 PM Eastern!

Join Dr. Alina Luna, Dr. Raye Taylor, and Dr. Azalia Boyd present CARE`s Vet REDI course, addressing the severe shortage of veterinarians and the cultural competency gap.

This event, in collaboration with UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program`s California for All Animals, marks a pivotal moment in our collective pursuit of inclusive and equitable care.

💙 Thanks to Maddie’s Fund and Petsmart Charities, CARE is paving the way for systemic change. Be part of this transformative journey shaping the future of veterinary care in California! Save your spot now!

Follow the link in bio to watch:

#CAREforEquity #HumanAnimalWelfare #VETRedi #Veterinarian #AnimalWelfare #AnimalCare #UCDavis #KoretShelterMedicineProgram

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We have love for ALL the puppies — especially the ones who failed puppy school 😅💙🐶
“My dog failing puppy school and not being able to walk with the rest of her class at graduation is still the funniest shit ever. The teacher was like “she can always retake the course and try again for her diploma” like my dog gotta get a GED is you serious?”


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Compelling essays, Enjoy!

Dr. Dolittle

Dr. Dolittle goes to ALEC

James Evans, CEO of CAREFeatured Illustration By: Hugh Lofting It seems everyone wants to be likened to Dr. Dolittle, and why not? The ability to speak

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Protester Holding Sign

Part 3: Azadi (Freedom)

Sheila Donya Kouhkan “Freedom is not a state; it is an act. It is not some enchanted garden perched high on a distant plateau where we

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Sheila Kouhkan Posing with her Family in Front of a Pool

Part 2: Zendegi (Life)

Sheila Donya Kouhkan The Spring Equinox is here, which means over 300 million people across the world are celebrating Nowruz. But, for the people of Iran,

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