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Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity (CARE), in the interest of Human and Animal Well-Being, prioritizes and amplifies BIPOC and other Marginalized Voices using Narratives, Research, and Community-Centered Investments.

Our Method For Change


Community Wisdom, Community Solutions

CARE is supporting and investing in community leaders focused on sustainable and transformative solutions.


Community Wisdom Amplified

Community Animal CARE [CAC] is an innovative Public Health centered program designed to prevent and solve persistent challenges to Human and Animal Well-Being. CAC will deliver critical resources to community members led by Proximate Leaders. In particular, Access to Care and Prevention, Pet Behavioral Training, Pet Resources, Compliance Awareness, Lost and Found Pets, and Involuntary Surrender Prevention.


Informed people make better choices.

The Circle of Learning and Leadership is a unique BIPOC-led educational experience with an ecosystem centered on Racial Equity, Community Wisdom, and Access to Preventive Care. Our goal is to bridge the information gap between traditional Animal Welfare and marginalized communities.


Hear My Story. See My Heart.

Stories shape our vision of the world and often frame our perceptions and biases. For this reason, CARE is producing and sharing stories that celebrate the diversity within human and animal well-being.


📉 Homelessness in America has continued to rise year after year, but in 2023, the number of homeless people grew by over 12%, hitting 653,104—the highest since 2007 (U.S Department of Urban Planning and Development.)

💔 Two groups in particular saw a drastic 15% increase in homelessness:

1.) Families with children
2.) Unaccompanied youth

Many of these families are comprised of single-mothers with young children who became unhoused as a result of domestic violence. The National Alliance to End Homelessness found that 88% of families reported domestic violence.

🎓 A similar experience is shared with unaccompanied unhoused youth who’ve been through foster care, juvenile detention, jail, or prison. When young people do not complete high school, their chances of experiencing homeless also increase.

On a single evening in 2023, over 30,000 unaccompanied youth were unhoused — 90% of them are 18-24yo and 9% are under 18yo (National Alliance to End Homelessness.)

😿 The face of the unhoused epidemic in America is often focused on adult males, but it’s important that we remember the young victims and youth mothers who’ve also fallen through the cracks of our system.

#CAREequity #FairHousing #HousingInjustice #HousingRights #Unhoused #Homelessness

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🎉 Celebrate BIPOC wisdom at The Gathering, CARE’s empowering annual conference!

🧠 The Gathering started as a humble event to honor the experiences and expertise of BIPOC communities in animal welfare and has blossomed into festive gathering with some of the industry’s brightest stars.

This year, we’re bringing together 250 passionate individuals—veterinary students, animal welfare advocates, and community leaders. Together, we`ll build relationships, share our pearls of wisdom, and recognize the talented folks within our colorful community 🤩

❤️ Save your spot and reserve tickets this October to The Gathering! Follow the link in the bio for tickets.

#CAREequity #TheGathering #BIPOC #HumanAnimalWelfare #AnimalWelfare #AnimalWellbeing

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One of the most harmful myths about the working poor and the unhoused community is this idea that these people ended up in that situation due to "bad choices."

That was the story many of us were told growing up. But the more tragic reality is that ANY OF US could fall victim to tough times.

A surprise thousand-dollar hospital bill or student loan email can be a bump in the road for some families, or a fast-pass to eviction and debt for others.

Some folks have families they can rely on if they need a place to live, while other folks only have the clothes on their backs.

Our capacity to make good choices is totally dependent on if the environment we`re in offers flexible and accessible options, and if the people in our lives are willing and able to help.

But if we live in neighborhoods with no affordable apartments, unreliable public transportation, and low-wage jobs, or our families themselves are struggling with their own problems, how can we possibly crawl out from the struggle?

The best we can do is offer compassion and understanding to anyone experiencing it here and now, and to recognize that bad times can happen to all of us.
"Ppl don’t understand that it can REALLY be you. Homelessness, death, no job.. Literally anything unfortunate can happen in the blink of an eye, life crazy like that. Always stay humble & be grateful."

📣 feyiszn

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