Hear My Story. See My Heart.

Stories shape our vision of the world and often frame our perceptions and biases. For this reason, CARE is producing and sharing stories that celebrate the diversity within human and animal well-being.

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Community Wisdom, Community Solutions

CARE is supporting and investing in community leaders focused on sustainable and transformative solutions.

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Advocating for those on the Frontline of Environmental Disasters

Black Indigenous and People of Color [BIPOC] AND their pets are on the frontlines of Global Climate Change, Air Pollution, and Rising Sea Levels. Millions are paying a price for policies they have little control over. CARE is determined to advocate for people of color and their pets facing Environmental Injustice.

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The Science of Equity

CARE’s Research and Development team is data driven and equity centered. CARE is using evidence-based thought leadership that advances equity and reform for marginalized communities at the intersection of animal well-being and social justice.

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Where there are people, there is power

The power in diverse numbers stems from an array of talents, skills, and passionate voices. Our collective force of action takers focuses on supporting equitable and sustainable solutions.

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"Mediante mi desarrollo y crecimiento tanto personal como profesional a lo largo de los años, descubrí una verdad fundamental: Quien eres, es como lideras." José Ocaño

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Spreading sunshine through wellness
We are blessed to have a very special guest and friend to lead The Gathering in 2 activities. We are honored to reintroduce Janice Godfrey as Lady J Fitness. Janice is an Administrative Specialist for UNC Health Care and an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor for the YMCA’s of the Triangle and Jewish for Good - JCC in Durham, NC. Lady J Fitness will be leading our attendees to wake us up to a higher energy with movement and mindfulness.

“My goal in life has always been to make others feel like they belong, no matter what they look like or ability. This statement works in so many ways. Inclusion is everything.”
#nationalwomenshealthandfitnessday #fitness #blackownedbusiness #Blackhealth #wellness
#thegathering2022 #womenshealthandfitnessday #womenshealthandfitness #ladyjfitness

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The Gathering is coming Virtually to a device near you! Next Friday, October 7th, you can get access to a day of deep listening, mindful activities and leverage your love. Learn about CARE’s framework in defining Human and Animal Wellbeing. Registration is only $35. Link is in the bio! See you there!
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Stay Tuned!
🖥 October 7th
#virtualtickets #changemaker #caregiver #thegathering2022 #inclusionequalslifesaving #leveraginglove

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