We believe in the inherent goodness and dignity of all people. Ex-offenders, People without Homes, Seniors, Renters, Families with Small Children, and Yes, People of Color. To that end, CARE’s mission is to bring diverse voices to the Animal Welfare industry while also advocating for a more inclusive path to pet adoption. CARE is using evidence-based tools and narratives to inspire organizations to be more inclusive and less biased. All in an effort to save more companion animal lives and elevate the value of all human life.


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We’ve estimated a 20% adoption gap between White Americans and African Americans.

Closing the gap is possible, but it requires reaching-out to people of color and seeking their leadership in the lifesaving work of Animal Welfare.

But first, we must confront the nature of bias in the Animal Welfare field. See the Harvard Implicit Bias Report here >

5 application rejections has led us to this possibility 🐕

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Introducing CARE 2021!
After our first annual retreat we will have MUCH to share.
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Adoption Rejection = Puppy Mill Satisfaction. Meet Leslie. She is a retired police officer. She recently lost the love of her life after 12 years of loving companionship.
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Johanna Falber spent her professional career working for mid-size and Fortune 500 organizations in leadership positions managing operations, sales and customer support groups. While successful, the human connection felt missing to her. She found herself gravitating  towards departments that would offer her the opportunity to work closely with customers and consumers to resolve high-level escalations, and bring dignity, empathy and respect to the interaction. 
It was when she adopted her first dog, that key realizations changed her course. She recognized that her business acumen could be useful in the animal advocacy sector; while volunteering in city animal shelters, the sad truth of the over population of pit bull type dogs was alarming, as well as the euthanasia of adoptable dogs; and she witnessed the difficulties people in marginalized groups faced with adopting dogs, and in having access to equitable resources. 
Her response was Stubby’s Heroes, the non-profit she founded primarily to promote and highlight the pit bull type dog in an effort to increase adoptions and stop the vilification and stigma of the dog. After working closely with national large animal welfare organizations like the HSUS and Best Friends Animal Society to stop Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) from going statewide in all of Georgia, the organization became synonymous with community advocacy, pro bono counsel, outreach programs, and marketing campaigns showcasing canine and community.
Jo has said that it has been a personal dream to be able to connect her experience in the corporate world with animal welfare, and her love of serving people and her community. “I really did not think that there was a place for me until now with C.A.R.E.  I’m honored to serve our communities alongside such committed, vibrant and exceptional leadership and team members. I’m finally home.” 
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Saturdays at the Park!
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This is how we do it!

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Kenny Lamberti has spent his entire professional career being of service and grew to be a key role and been a leading voice in shifting the animal welfare industry to be a more human focused, diverse, and equitable movement.

In the early days of Kenny’s professional journey, Kenny was a counselor at a residential home for adolescent boys transitioning from the juvenile legal system, as a youth director for the Cambridge YMCA and an organizer for a program called Gang Peace. In the summers, Kenny began offering free dog training in specific economically depressed areas and the animal welfare industry started to notice. Kenny began his animal welfare career working for renowned behaviorist Dr. Amy Marder which lead him to Animal Farm Foundation in upstate New York. The HSUS identified Kenny’s unique skill set and passion for community-based work and recruited him to run their Philadelphia end dog fighting program.
This is the moment Kenny’s career went national and he along with CARE CEO James Evans played an integral leadership role in the creation of the Pets for Life program.
Kenny went on to become Vice President of companion animals as HSUS and in 2017 came to Best Friends Animal Society where his vision, dynamic leadership, and passion for community gave birth to something called the 2025 action team which in a little over a year has more than 30,000 advocate members representing all 50 states.
With the founding of CARE Kenny finally has a true home and vehicle to use all his experience, passion, and expertise to fight for people and communities that to this day of no fault of their own still exist on the margins of the animal welfare movement. CARE has been a long time coming and is poised to disrupt and reshape the way this nation addresses the needs of not only dogs and cats, but more importantly the people across all boundaries who share their lives with them. Kenny Lamberti joining his long-time friend and colleague James Evans and the entire CARE family was written into existence long before now, but now that it is a reality the magic can finally be fully realized. #cominginJuly #inclusionequalslifesaving

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