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  • VetREDI RACE-approved for continuing education
  • VetREDI provides an entire ecosystem of lifesaving in animal well-being
  • Working through a VetREDI lens helps organizations see opportunities to partner better with the community to reduce animals entering the shelter.
  • VetREDI can also reduce implicit bias in pet adoption and fostering, therefore reducing the shelter population.
  • VetREDI can help reduce implicit bias found in hiring. Research has shown more diverse teams perform better.

REDI Quote (#6)

“After taking REDI We began with our foster program, and immediately made changes to our language, assumptions, training protocol, onboarding practices, and other internal procedures, building on what we learned in the REDI training. Putting into practice the knowledge learned from REDI, HI was able to increase the number of families fostering pets by 25%.”

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