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The Changemakers Circle reaches to all aspects of Animal Welfare, Human and Animal Well-Being, community, and beyond to forge meaningful relationships based on trust and shared commitment. CARE is determined to engage across the animal protection spectrum as a means to support and reform it while also supporting BIPOC Animal Welfare professionals.

Our Method For Change

CARE’s Narrative + Engagement divisions will continue to lift and prioritize Human and Animal Well-Being within marginalized communities. Aiming to both be a beacon of truth and an inspiration for a brighter future.

It's a personal journey toward Equity, not a competition.

Taking actions that are aligned with what we believe is not always easy. What’s important is that we do something in support of a more just future. 

The below categories are designed to help you self-identify how you want to engage with CARE.

"I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept."

– Angela Davis

The Changemakers Circle provides community, kinship, and resources for all who are committed to building a more diverse and equitable Human Animal Well-Being movement. The Changemakers Circle functions as a hub where members can network, share stories and ideas as well as have priority access to all CARE media, resources, and content. The Changemakers Circle will provide national and local calls to action, zoom calls, and our CARE newsletter along with regular opportunities to support and participate in this movement.


CARE’s Changemakers Circle will host and attend Culturally Competent events around the country, and of course virtually. Our events are usually recorded, please check out the links below for archives or future event details.


Feature Event This Month: Black History

More about The Changemakers Circle

Building grassroots partnerships designed to collaborate with Animal Welfare and Sheltering allows communities to have agency in their relationship with Animal Welfare and Animal Protection. Typically, Animal Welfare organizations initiate one-sided “partnership” programming. One side, in this case, means that the program or offering is ultimately derived, designed, and controlled by the Animal Welfare organizations.

Nearly all Animal Welfare programs, even programs designed to support people, are owned by Animal Welfare organizations. Organizations can wax and wane programming at will or end programming at any time, which often results in a lost opportunity for trust-building, partnership, and systemic change.



Our team is working across the country to create equitable spaces for our partners because Community Wisdom is fundamental. The primary goal of the Engagement Division is bridging the wide gap between marginalized communities and Animal Welfare. Keeping pets within their communities and out of shelters requires everyone to problem-solve together as peers. 


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