Privilege Test [REDI Silver]

Privilege Exercise


[Adapted from Brenda J. Allen, University of Colorado Denver]

Purpose: The idea is to offer some possible points of privilege that arise from being a member of certain social identity groups in the United States. Privilege refers to ways that individuals or groups can enjoy advantages based on their real or perceived membership in identity categories (e.g., gender, race, sexuality, nationality, religion, etc.).

This exercise is not meant to make anyone feel guilty or ashamed of having or not having particular privileges; but rather to explore how we ALL have SOME privilege, and how to engage that aspect of our life. Additionally, in being aware of our particular privileges, we are able to use that power to share our platforms with those whose voices have been marginalized.

Each list is not meant to be exhaustive or comprehensive.


  • Read through the list in each section and keep count of the number of items to which you can say yes. There’s a total of 49 items. How many were you able to say “yes” to?
  • Focus only on your experience and try to avoid overthinking. Some identities and privileges can and do change over time, for “better” or “worse”; but we are discussing the present, not the past.



Sexuality Privilege

Ability Privilege

Gender/Sex Privilege

Race Privilege

Religious Privilege

Class Privilege

Nationality/Citizenship Privilege (U.S.)