We’re Building a Database for you!

Animal Welfare is an incredible field, and more diversity will make it even stronger.

Often when advocating for a more diverse workforce, potential employers will say:

“We’re interested in being more diverse, but people of color don’t usually apply here.”

“We don’t know where to find people of color with the expertise we’re looking for.” 

CARE wants to make it easy to find people of color who already have the expertise needed for the field. We’re building a match-making tool, but first we need your help building our database.

People of color are encouraged to submit their information—all skill sets are wanted. Aside from providing direct care to animals, the Animal Welfare field is like any other industry in need of Technicians, Accountants, Business Managers and Leadership.

Regardless of whether you’re currently in the Animal Welfare field, or you’re interested in working within the field, please submit the form below. Please help us build a resource for Animal Welfare employers in search of passion, intelligence, and diversity.

Inclusion = Lifesaving: girl with dog

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