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Among the Birds, I am Human
Among the Birds, I am Human Book Cover
James Evans
James Evans, CARE CEO & Founder, Author and Photographer, Among the Birds, I am Human

Among the Birds, I am Human brilliantly captures birds in their natural habitat while also providing readers with a unique and soulful perspective on how nature provides an unbiased, unracialized oasis for the book's African American author and photographer.

Among the Birds, I am Human’s author James Evans, “I’ve always been fascinated with wildlife and natural history. I love photographing animals in the field because it gives me a break from human prejudice. When I get too close to a bird and it flies away, I know it’s not because I’m African American, and that’s healing in an odd way.” 


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Fox News, Good Morning Baltimore

Among the Birds, I am Human author and Wildlife Photographer on Fox's Good Morning Baltimore
Bald Eagle

Title Poem: Among the Birds, I am Human

I move slowly through the thicket, careful and straight –
they’re cautious of the wicked, not of color, but shape.

We’ve trampled through the forest,
slashing everything in sight – all that live fear 

our hunger for delight. I’m here among them 
for their beautiful,
feathers in light, but many 
before me endanger their life.

I’m low to the ground now, I see you ahead. 

How mighty your eyes are, how easily I’m read. 

Any sudden move, to the clouds you will go,
my shape Careless and Wasteful you know.

Respectful and quiet I stare at you still, 

grateful your wisdom trust no man on this hill.
Not moved by the Blackness that covers my build–

It’s only my “humanity” that sends fear down your 

Among the Birds, I am Human. In this, I delight, 

here as a stranger in wonder of flight.


James captures the essence of what it means to listen deeply through nature and animals. His passion, advocacy, love and respect for animals and our planet is infused in every photograph. His images are breathtaking and his words invite you to reflect and to awaken from our collective unconsciousness.

Marilou Chanrasmi

James has the most exquisite eye and captures nature at the perfect moment. Truly breathtaking and capturing images!

Hilary Phelps

As a fan of James' nature photography and an avid bird watcher, I had been eagerly awaiting this book. When I opened it and saw these images for the first time, I was transported. James has captured moments with birds that blew me away, and his camera makes you feel like you are right there, in intimate connection with these magnificent creatures. Paired with his reflections on his art, race, humanity, and justice, his images and words create something new, unexpected, and important. Many of the stories in the book are about what it is like for the author to inhabit his unique human body in this moment in time, and how much lighter and freer he feels in nature - in the company of animals. Animals have so much to teach those of us who are willing to take our own human bodies outside and just listen. In our struggle for justice and freedom for all beings, a book like this can deepen our empathy for each other and remind us of the wisdom and beauty waiting for us outside. With the added bonus of 100% of the book's proceeds going to support the work of a vital non-profit organization, this book should be on the top of your gifting list!

Amy Mills

In this book, and within one of the many embedded poems, "Why are you here?", James answers that question for all who will be lucky enough to turn the pages of this beautiful piece of art. He is called to the outdoors, to nature, and to birds in particular. His curiosity and passion is illuminated through moments of personal vulnerability and candid observations, as well as through exquisitely detailed and magnetic photography. James brings a grace and perspective to the space of photography that has been missing for far too long.

John Benam