May 20-22nd
Cat Challenge

CARE will be sponsoring the first ever CARE DARE Community Cat Challenge. Sterling the TrapKing will set a record for the most cats trapped in 24 hours by a single person!

Our Goal is to set a record, help spay and neuter as many community cats in Atlanta during Kitten Season, and educate more people on the benefits or TNR while having diverse representation.

This event will be filmed and pushed nationally to help raise awareness of a TNR event, highlight the benefits for communities and hopefully gain NEW TNR advocates.

  • Sterling,  will start setting the 300 Tomahawk Live Traps on Thursday, May 20th and into Friday in the Atlanta area.

  • With the help of local Atlanta organizations, the surgeries will take place Saturday, May 22.

  • Community Cats will be returned Sunday and Monday, May 23-24th.

Our mission is to encourage more communities nationally, to spay and neuter community cats and start a trend each year to participate in the challenge. Next year, this same time, we hope to have hundreds of local TNR programs participating alongside Sterling.

What do we need:
Vehicles/Drivers to deliver the cats to local surgery providers on May 21-May 22 and return cats to communities May 22-24


  • 300 Traps and delivery: $24,000
    Match the Trap $2,000

  • Medical Supplies: $15,000
    Gold Cat Lover

  • Veterinarian/Tech Staff: $10,000
    Silver Cat Lover

  • Travel and License fees: $5,000
    Bronze Cat Lover


Always grateful to
our donors Big and Small


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