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To discover, support, and elevate BIPOC community leaders using a Human and Animal Well-Being [HAW] model, in an effort to keep pets at home and uplift their human companions.

Our Method For Change

The CARE Center Partner Program provides capacity building and technical assistance for BIPOC Proximate Leaders and nonprofit organizations to help people of color and companion pets through the Human-Animal Well-Being (HAW) framework. 

The program provides support by leveraging community wisdom within underserved communities. Our CARE Center model recognizes
community genius and therefore supports Proximate Leaders.

Some things to keep in mind:

Traditionally the Animal Welfare / Animal Protection industry:
• Lacks proactive Community Partnerships
• Lacks Diversity | 84% White and Female [learn more]
• Has a strong implicit bias against BIPOC
• Lack of Representation | Less than 0.3% of AW is led by BIPOC

CARE is committed to being Change Markers within the Animal Welfare community and advancing Racial Equity Diversity and Inclusion [REDI] where ever possible.
But, our primary focus is 
developing partnerships with BIPOC-led non for profits and Proximate Leaders.

More about CARE Centers

Our CARE Center partners are on the frontlines of social and racial disparities – inequities that are often concentrated within marginalized communities. Unfortunately, the Proximate Leaders we stand with suffer the same community ills they seek to prevent and cure for others. Thanks to CARE’s technical support and financial support of our donor partners, we see the beginning stages of progress toward Human and Animal Well-Being within CARE Center partnerships.

Proximate Leader

Proximate Leaders are subject matter experts on the challenges facing their communities. Their solutions are often structured around insights only found through lived experiences. When allowed to lead, Proximate Leaders are far more capable of finding sustainable solutions for their community of friends, loved ones, and neighbors than outside organizations seeking to implement “charitable” solutions.

CARE Center Partners are located throughout the United States. Potential partners can be found in every underserved BIPOC community. We know, in many instances, community members and their Proximate Leaders are already caring for pets and people around them with few resources. CARE Centers’ mission is to support and amplify community leaders working to keep pets and people together. The CARE Center model is not prescriptive; CARE Center Partners range from traditional rescues to experts in dog behavioral training. We’re here to support our partners’ passions and visions.

Since the launch of the CARE Center Program in late 2021, CARE has helped to initiate more than ten BIPOC-owned 501c3s. These organizations represent a generational first, and their communities are grateful. Aside from helping to start new organizations, CARE has provided invaluable technical and financial support to pre-existing organizations.

Aside from inspiring and overseeing thousands of pounds of food and life-saving veterinary resources, our CARE Center Partners have also taken the opportunity to speak nationally on behalf of their communities. As a result, for the first time in U.S. history, BIPOC communities have received Human and Animal Well-Being support led by local BIPOC Proximate Leaders, undergirded by a national BIPOCLed nonprofit. Having had the opportunity to own their narratives has transformed our Proximate Leaders and likely created opportunities for BIPOC leaders in the future.

Long-forsaken communities and pets are now being transformed, and CARE seeks to continue planting transformational seeds and CARE-giving to community leaders who seek our technical assistance and support.

CARE CENTER | Program Components
Community Centered Investment
  • Nonprofit Start-up Funding
  • Business Plan Development
  • Funding Partnership
  • Supply Donation
  • Leadership Development
  • Presentation Skills Development
  • Nonprofit management training
  • Board Development
  • Community and Industry Partnership Development
  • Grant Writing Support
Marketing & Communications
  • Logo, Name, Marketing Plan Support
  • Public Relations/Media
  • Social Media Support
  • Supply Donation
  • Leadership Development
  • Presentation Skills Development
  • Nonprofit management training
  • Board Development
  • Community and Industry Partnership Development
  • Grant Writing Support
Direct CARE
  • Bring awareness to Direct CARE Fund
  • Locally Fundraise for Direct CARE
Community Continuum of CARE
  • Clinics (vaccinations, stethoscope, microscope, nail trimmer, first aid supplies, dewormer, flea/tick preventative, heartworm preventative, etc)
  • Pet Supplies and Food
  • Access to Pet Wellness (Resources and Training)
  • Distribution of Resource Guides

Meet our BIPOC Proximate Leaders and the nonprofits we support. [In alphabetical order]

Alexandre Contreras,
Pet Trio Charity

PetTrio Charity
CARE: This core value is directed to the Veterinary care of animals through programs to offer financial assistance for owners who can’t otherwise afford emergency care for their pets. PetTrio Charity is taking a grassroots approach to raising funds and awareness for people and pets in need.

Location: Miami, FL

Instagram: @pettriocharity

Cassandra Holmes,
Little Earth United Tribe

Little Earth
Little Earth is 9.4 acre, 212-unit Housing and Urban Development (HUD) subsidized housing complex located in the urban industrial core of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Little Earth was founded in 1973 and remains the only indigenous preference project-based Section 8 rental assistance community in the United States.

Location: Red Lake, Minnesota

Dr. Karlyn Emile, Global Advocates and Allies

Global Advocates and Allies
Global Advocates and Allies Inc. is a Black, Indigenous, and People of Color [BIPOC] led organization committed to ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion in human and animal well-being. Our Mission: To help create equality for older adults, children, and animals in the poorest communities of the world through advocacy, strengthening, and education.

Location: Miami, FL

Dr. Makeba Clarke, Vetorious Community

Vetorius Community
Founded in 2022​ ~ Atlanta, Georgia by Dr. Makeba Clarke ​
Relational Coordination: Pet Parent/Veterinarian/The Community/ Invested Stakeholders Developed out of a need in the community in which South West Vet Clinic has been located for the last 40 years. ​South West Vet Clinic has 5-10 critical Pet Families weekly the client either must form a GoFundMe to cover the cost.

Location: Atlanta, GA


Dr. Serena,
Chapter VIII

Chapter VIII

Veterinary Inclusion and Intersectionality Initiative is a nonprofit organization which was founded in 2020 to foster a representative and inclusive environment in the veterinary profession through advocacy, art, and accessibility. We seek to create access to care and access to education opportunities at the intersection of marginalized pet parent and veterinary communities by way of inclusive professional education, community education, and financial assistance for marginalized pet parent communities.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Elizabeth Worthy,
Kitty and Pitty

Kitty and Pittie
Mission: To help our community, our way by being, and be a resource to those often ignored by traditional animal outreach programs. We believe that caring for pets starts with caring for people.

Location: Macon, GA

Instagram: @thekittynpittie

Francisco Serrano, Kentucky

During the aftermath, I coped like my immigrant parents— drowning myself in my community work with a mutual aid organization named Rise and Shine.

Location: Bowing Green, KY

Instagram: @riseandshinebgky

Jasmin Crisp, Love For Animal Outreach

Love for Animals
Love for Animals Outreach’s mission is to serve as a resource for vulnerable people and paws in the Atlanta, Tri-City, and East Point neighborhoods by: (1) providing a safe place for our youth to learn and be educated on basic life skills, including care for pets and our environment; (2) creating and delivering affordable shelters for outdoor and feral cats; and (3) providing basic food and care needs to families and pets in our community as well as farm communities in the rural parts of GA.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Instagram: @love4paws404

Johnalma Barnett,
Mount Zion 

Johnalma Barnett
Faith-Based Institution, Founded in 1886 in Bowling Green, KY.
Emergency and Disaster Assistance, Food pantry (for people and pets, Homeless outreach, Housing Authority Outreach.

Location: Bowling Green, KY

Latonya Walker,
Sassee Cats

Sassee Cats
“Latonya “Sassee” Walker is a force of nature – an indomitable, laugh-out-loud funny and streetwise former rapper who lives in Brooklyn and will hop in her car any time of day or night to rescue a cat. Her motto, “Don’t talk about it, be about it.” Sassee has the renewable energy of a superhero and a love of animals that is deep and unstoppable. And
her heart is big enough to accept the cruelty humans inflict on their feline friends without turning cynical or bitter.”
– Steven Lawrence

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Instagram: @sassee_badass_tnr

Nicole Jackson, Adventures with Autism

Adventures with Autism
We provide families with amazing new experiences each month, accompanied by certified behavioral specialists that provide caregivers with valuable input on behavior intervention techniques while the children explore, play, and gain confidence in their place in the world.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Timothy Freeman,
Brave Heart Pets

Braveheart Pets
Brave Heart Inc, is creating a community center for social justice learning, compassionate idea learning, Animal Welfare learning, and basic life skills learning.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Instagram: @braveheartspets

Sterling Davis,

The Mission Don’t Stop, Ya’l
Trap, Neuter, Return, Educate, Include. Using TR as a focal point, I want to assist, educate, and service the communities who need it most to prevent overpopulation and spreading of disease in feral cat communities. TR (Trap Neuter Return) is the only humane alternative to euthanasia for feral cat colonies. And in order to get it done, we need to work together with the communities, for the communities, and for the cats, to get it done.

Location: South Carolina

Please give at:

Bianca Gainor,
Furever I Love Atlanta

Furever I love Atlanta
Is a Mutual aid model focused on providing a host of community services, and resources. Furever I Love Atlanta is known for providing meals and support to people and pets without homes.

Furever I Love Atlanta is excited to be featured in Puppy Bowl XIX with one of its rescue pups Bleu! A curious pup with a nose for clues, Bleu is bringing his smarts, heart and bark out to the field! He is NOT afraid to go head to head… Color yourself surprised if you count out Bleu!

Location: Atlanta, GA

Instagram: @fureveriloveatlanta

Awanookwe Bratvold, Awesiinyag Are Loved

Awesiinyag Are Loved
(A – way- see ah Are Loved, from Red Lake)
Veronica’s organization, Awesinyag Are Loved, is centered on rescuing and providing a safe space to rehabilitate dogs, foster them, and rehoming them back to their community. Awesinyag also provides education on animal care and access to Veterinary resources.

Location: Minnesota

Zhaire McCormick, Neighborhood Center

The Neighborhood Center
At the Neighborhood Center, we are breaking the cycle of poverty by offering Academic, Athletic, and Arts programs for children and teenagers. Our programs provide a safe and fun space for children and teens to engage in activities that challenge them.

Location: Camden, NJ


CARE is fortunate to have incredible staff members who live and work amongst our CARE CENTER Partners. Our internal staff work with Proximate Leaders to ensure resources, technical assistance, and funding is strategically aligned with the needs of our CARE CENTER Partners.



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